We'll make your register sing!

What we do

Were all about one thing: attracting the right customers.

Engage the target,

More customers are nice, but the ones who stuff cash regesters are targeted.  We hunt down the right customers and engage via phone   where our sales team directs the customer to your business. From there, you take over doing what your business does best. 
How does it work

Through these 4 easy steps


Let's have a quick discussion

First lets define your customers: Who are they and what do they need?


Understanding your business

Let’s talk about what makes your business unique and why the customer should do business with you.


Delivering the strategy

We’ll devise a targeting strategy and create a sales pitch to attract more of the right customers. 


Enjoy the results

We’ll drive customers to your front door. Working together as a team we’ll produce more sales and a more satisfied customer base. 

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From our clients

Worked too good. I got more customers than I could handle. Had to stop after a month!

Owner at Johnscutandcore

My phone was ringing off the hook. After three weeks, I was booked for the rest of the year.

Owner at Sore Thumb Construction

Sandy Beach is a secret weapon. Hope our competitors don’t find out. 

Co-Founder at a PDR dent company
Let's talk

When your ready to target more customers.