A new way of selling in the gig economy

About us

Reinventing the way sales communication is performed .


Efficiently Lean

Developed from The Art of War. Lean and efficient is the foundation of our concept. We utilize “Side Hustlers with smart phones” as our sales team. Boosting profitability through decreased staffing overhead.   

Our phone closers love working with us. It’s an easy and rewarding side hustle.    
Targeted marketing

We believe there's a better way to work.

In a world of mobility, smartphones have made it possible to rethink the way business is performed. Large staffs, expensive offices and cubicles are now a thing of the past. We asked, how can we do this better? By combining technology and the uber/gig economy, we outsource our incoming calls to freelance Side Hustlers. This lean and effieient concept is advantageous on both ends. It reduces overhead and increases profitability for the company and our freelancers love pitching and closing deals. This concept makes high profitability possible for both our team and the company.

Creative in all aspects

We target the exact customers in need your product or service through many different techniques, and develop powerfully creative and effective scripts that drive and presell those customers. Our sales team rehearses the scripts and are genuinely excited to close deals. We make profitability easy for everyone involved. Our team is driven to perform by working for commission. This creative mobility concept allows  team members the ability to be their own boss, set their own hours and have the freedom that all side hustlers desire. 

We target the most engaged customers which helps businesses build a truly effective and profitable customer base.  All of our incoming calls are “hot leads” that need your product or service. We are here to help guide them in your direction and explain to them why your business is what they need. Your future customers are targeted and presold by us, making it easier for you to do what you do best, your business.